Identifying nerve structures in ultrasound images of the neck

Can Artificial Intelligence predict the Brachial plexus in Ultrasound images of the neck?

Artificial Intelligence has taken over all fields and proven to perform well in medical field too. In this blog I’m going to show how Deep learning is used to predict the Brachial plexus nerver in Ultrasound images of the neck using different models.

So let’s just look at the outline of the blog,

  1. Business Problem
  2. Mapping Business Problem into Deep Learning Problem
  3. Research and existing approaches
  4. My First cut approach
  5. Exploratory Data Analysis and Data preprocessing
  6. Deep Learning…

This is a Kaggle competition held to predict the Walmart future sales for each individual department in a store.

Time series models have several use cases in predicting the weather conditions, stock movement, future sales. Here I have approached various methods and finally opted for Random forest as the time-series models didn’t perform well.

Problem Statement:

One challenge of modelling retail data is the need to make decisions based on limited history. If Christmas comes but once a year, so does the chance to see how strategic decisions impacted the bottom line.

In this recruiting competition, job-seekers are provided with historical…

Posture tracking is always a helpful task for multiple use cases. One of them is to control the keystrokes for playing games. We will discuss how this works in detail further, with the code.

We will be discussing this in the below steps:

  1. How posture is tracked through OpenCV?
  2. How to integrate the movement of the body with the keystrokes?
  3. How the game is controlled?

How posture is tracked by OpenCV?

There are multiple HAAR cascaded which will be helpful in identifying the Upper body, lower body, Eyes, Frontal Face etc. For this use case, we will be using the…

Rakesh reddy

Machine Learning enthusiast, currently working in Oracle India.

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